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When you realize you don’t have to give up all your tech to live a high-nature lifestyle

GM🌞 V-Community!

Welcome to another beautiful week and another edition of V DAO Weekly.

Looking Back

During our May Community call last week, we walked through V DAO’s new community portal. There was also a great discussion about how community members can go about organizing V DAO events in their local area.

If you missed it, you can check out the full recording below. 👇

V Community Chat 🗣️

There has been lots of discussion on renewable energy lately in the V Community. With conversations around applied systems such as pumped hydro and solar. 🌞

Take a look at what Al had to say about integrating solar into building designs:

What’s on this week?

Join us for our Twitter Space event on May 21st, at 7 P.M. UTC.

We’ll be joined by Griff Green the founder of Giveth.io and Generalmagic.io, to discuss how we can lower the tech barrier, reduce friction points, and onboard the next billion users into web3.

Make sure to register for this event, you won’t want to miss it!

Check out the new V Community Portal!

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Question of the Week 🤔

Every week we pose a new question in Discord, to get the community thinking about a specific problem, solution, idea, or topic.

This week we asked, “What barriers do new users face when trying to enter the web3 ecosystem / DAOs? How can we support less tech-savvy people to access this space?

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