V DAO Weekly 6/24/2024

GM🌞 V-Community!

It’s a beautiful start to the week, and V DAO is excited to share our weekly update.

Let’s dive in. 🏊

Looking Back

Last week we held a live Twitter Space with Brooke Bowman (Vibecamp), Yalor Mewn (MetaCamp), Zach (Coordinape), and MZ (5th World) to define what a regenerative network state is.

Did you miss it? No worries! Catch the full recording below.. 🎥

On Friday, we held our first V Community Meetup in the Bay Area.

There was food, light drinks, and the conversation was flowing. The future of the Bay Area V Hub is looking strong, with future events already in the works - watch this space!

SF Bay Area Meetup

What’s on this week?


V DAO is supporting contributors to coordinate local meetups in their area.

These social events are an opportunity to connect with DAO contributors and V community members for food, light drinks, and great conversations.

We can't wait to see this IRL aspect of the DAO evolve and grow.

This week we have our Jersey City event on June 24th, 5-8 pm.

The Jersey City event is followed up by the V DAO x Boulder Blockchain Meetup happening in Boulder, CO. on June 27th, 4-6 pm.

Rob Avis and MZ will be sharing their insights on regenerative living and what a regenerative network state might look like. Pizza, light drinks, and good vibes included.

Afterwards, hop on a single-speed cruiser bike for an evening ride through the town.

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Join us for a Lunch & Learn on solar tech and energy storage with Nathalie Capati, CEO and Co-founder of Jasmine Energy, and Jon Ruth from Spark Eco and Climate Coordination Network.

Together we’ll learn about the tech that transforms sunlight into energy for our homes and the methods for storing that energy for later use.

Register below.👇

DAO Initiatives

DAO Avatars

The quest to create unique ecosystem-builder avatars continues. Remember, our chosen animals are the beaver, the bee, the sea star, and the owl.

Submission window closes on 7/12/2024.

Submit as many designs as you like.

To qualify, make sure you're a member of our Discord server (link below).

Submission Guidelines:

  • Focus on the animals, and use a white background.

  • Files must be in JPEG or PNG format and 5 MB or smaller.

  • Submission window: 5/31/2024 to 7/12/2024

  • Submit as many designs as you like.

EthCC V DAO Side Event

V DAO is partnering with BuildCities to hold a full day of workshops, speaker panels, and a hackathon, during EthCC in Brussels on July 8th.

Join us to experiment at the intersection of the digital and physical. Together we'll explore how we can build decentralized antifragile systems to support regenerative network states.

Tickets are free for V DAO contributors and discounts are available for community members via Discord.

Full event details below

Question of the Week 🤔

Every week we pose a new question in Discord, to get the community thinking about a specific problem, solution, idea, or topic.

This week we asked, “What tools could help regenerative network states coordinate locally and globally?”

Hop in the Discord and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

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