V DAO Weekly 6/10/2024

GM🌞 V-Community!

Welcome to another beautiful week and another edition of V DAO Weekly.

V DAO Avatars!

The quest to create unique ecosystem-builder avatars continues. Remember, our chosen animals are the beaver, the bee, the sea star, and the owl.

We need your help. 🎨 Whether you’re using Midjourney, your drawing pad, or any other tool, design your vision of these avatars and submit your styles via the Typeform linked below.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Focus on the animals, and use a white background.

  • Files must be in JPEG or PNG format and 5 MB or smaller.

  • Submission window: 5/31/2024 to 7/12/2024

  • Submit as many designs as you like.

To qualify, make sure you're a member of our Discord server (link at the bottom). Winners will be celebrated on our socials and acknowledged for their invaluable contributions.

We can’t wait to see your epic designs!

Looking Back

Last week, we were joined by Rob Avis, Chief Engineering Officer of 5th World, and Menno, a V DAO contributor, for our monthly community voices event. Menno walked us through his regenerative land design, highlighting important data points that have influenced his decisions.

Rob provided Menno with some amazing feedback on water management systems and how the positioning of structures can reduce the energy used for heating due to passive solar gain.

Did you miss the live event? No worries! You can catch the full recording below. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it. 🎥

V Community Chat 🗣️

Check out the progress Ben (V DAO community manager) has been making in his garden.

Changing the world starts in our backyards! 🌱

What’s on this week?

Catch up with all things V DAO at our Monthly Community Call.

We’ll be reflecting on what we have been working on, sharing info on our upcoming events, and opening things up for community questions, ideas, and feedback.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay updated and hang out with the team. 👇

Check out the V Community Portal!

Want to learn more about V DAO?

Come take a look at our new Community Portal and get quick access to our regenerative living resources, projects currently being worked on, important links, and more.

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Question of the Week 🤔

Every week we pose a new question in Discord, to get the community thinking about a specific problem, solution, idea, or topic.

This week we asked, “What types of physical infrastructure could be reimagined and regenerated within a network state?”

Hop in the Discord and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

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Have a Great Week!