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Welcome to another beautiful week. This is the first edition of V DAO Weekly and we are eager to start things off the right way.

Looking Back

Last week we held our Community Voices on the topic of Water Conservation & Management. Michelle Avis of 5th World, Steve Boniwell from PSKL, and Will Masters of Ogallala Life, explored various solutions including watch catchment and rainwater harvesting.

Did you miss it? Check out the full recording below.

V Community Chat 🗣️

There has been lots of discussion about Hugel Kultur recently in the V Community, including various ways it can be applied. This led to the topic of soil health and testing.🧪

Check out what @NS had to say:

What’s on this week?

Join us for our monthly Community Call next week on Tuesday, May 14th at 5 p.m. UTC.

We’ll recap the past month’s events, discuss what we have been working on, and explore what’s coming up next in the DAO.

​We’ll also open things up for an AMA and discussion - a great opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and raise ideas.

Register for the event below and add it to your calendars. We can't wait to see you all there!

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Question of the Week 🤔

Every week we pose a new question in Discord, to get the community thinking about a specific problem, solution, idea, or topic.

This week we asked, “What regenerative energy tech excited you and why?”

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